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Food waste disposal management solutions.

Access to accurate data is the key to driving efficiencies and saving money. On-going measurement is a vital part of embedding sustainability in to your organization and the key to a successful strategy.

Let BioHiTech Cloud™ help you

  • Optimize your food waste disposal process
  • Unlock visibility into food waste management metrics
  • Deliver accurate financial, operational, and sustainability reports for single or multiple locations
  • Improve portfolio-wide efficiencies
  • Encourage proactive management to keep you in control of your zero waste goals
  • Inspire competition and collaboration for establishing best practices
  • Identify potential re-use and donation opportunities
  • Predict trends and patterns to use for budgeting and purchasing
  • Measure environmental performance

Optimized Reporting

BioHiTech Cloud™ provides access to real-time, reliable, and manageable waste data that will drive changes to effectively manage purchasing, budgeting, staffing, and disposing all while delivering environmental and cost savings. Organizing and preparing reports are easy and can be designed for single or multiple locations, by geographical areas, by management structure or by season. The reports track savings, compare utilization, highlight successes, and uncover anomalies. Effective reporting will also help to reduce the generation of waste as well as increase recycling rates. Setup real-time alerts to your mobile device to track and manage performance.

Secure, Real-Time Data

All BioHiTech Digesters connect to BioHiTech Cloud™ via WiFi, ethernet, or any device with a data plan. Our Cloud customers have access to their Digester from a computer or mobile device and can monitor its performance anytime, anywhere.

But the savings don’t stop there… BioHiTech Digesters leverage information to save TIME, MONEY, AND THE ENVIRONMENT.

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BioHiTech Cloud™ Benefits

The BioHiTech Cloud™ tracks usage. Accessing daily disposal data will help to determine origins of waste and time of the day it is wasted. Identifying what and when waste is wasted will help simplify the waste process, reduce resources and prevent waste in the future.

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The BioHiTech Cloud™ tracks utilization. Tracking usage by hour and/or employee will guarantee that all of your foods waste is fed into the digester throughout the day. A summary report is sent each night to help mange staff and digester performance. Utilization can also be tracked by day, week, and month and can be compared to multiple locations.

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The BioHiTech Cloud™ tracks savings. Comparing diversion pounds against historical waste costs documents savings each day.

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But the savings don’t stop there… The Eco-Safe Digester® leverages information to save TIME, MONEY, AND THE ENVIRONMENT.

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