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A cost-effective, environmentally responsible solution for food waste disposal.

  • Aerobic, on-site digester
  • Self contained, stainless steel unit
  • Continual Feed, Not batch feed
  • Discharges to a standard sewer line
  • Quiet, clean, and easy-to-operate
  • No choppers or grinders
  • No residual solids to handle or manage
  • No additional handling required
  • No chemicals used
  • No airborne contaminants present

Eco-Safe Digester® Specifications

  Eco-Safe 4 Eco-Safe 8 Eco-Safe 12
Pounds per 24 hours
up to 800 lbs up to 360 kg up to 1600 lbs up to 725 kg up to 2400 lbs up to 1090 kg
Dimensions Width 45.75 in 117 cm 59.75 in 152 cm 69.25 in 176 cm
Depth 35.5 in 91.5 44.25 in 113 cm 44.25 in 113 cm
Height 50 in 127 cm 55.25 in 141 cm 55.25 in 141 cm
Weight 1100 lbs 500kg 1540 lbs 700kg 1680 lbs 760kg
Power Source United States 208 Volt 3-Phase
United Kingdom 400 Volt 3-Phase
Spec Sheet Download PDF
* Eco-Safe Digester® is protected by several patents. Click Here to show more.

Eco-Safe Digester® Utility Usage

Eco-Safe 4 Eco-Safe 8 Eco-Safe 12
Water Consumption per 24 hours 100 gal 375 l 200 gal 750 l 300 gal 1150 l
Liquid Discharge per 24 hours 100-200 gal 380-750 l 200-300 gal 750-1140 l 300-400 gal 1500-1900 l
Energy Consumption per month 100-200 kWh 150-250 kWh 300-400 kWh


BioHiTech ensures our product meets all nationwide Safety and Regulatory standards at all times.

Rigorous testing by regulatory agencies nationwide proved the effluent to have no negative impact on sewer treatment facilities.

When a product bears the ETL Listed Mark, it is proof that the product has passed rigorous product safety testing and has achieved certification. The ETL Listed Mark is issued by the ETL SEMKO division of Intertek, a leading global testing, inspection and certification organization that serves manufacturers worldwide to help them reach global markets.

Installation Requirements

(Must be present before Digester Installation)

  • Hot/cold water lines with mixing valve
  • Dedicated disconnect box
  • Access to floor drain
  • Internet Access (BioHiTech Cloud™ only)

Feeding Eco-Safe Digester®


  • All Meat (raw or cooked)

  • All Fish and Shellfish (raw or cooked)

  • All Fruits and Vegetables

  • All Bread, Cakes and Pastries

  • All Dairy Products

  • All Prepared Foods

  • All Other: Egg Shells, Coffee Grinds, Pasta, etc.


  • Big Bones or Fat Trimmings

  • Clam or Mussel Shells

  • Pineapple Tops or Corn Husks

  • Small Seeds, Woody Vines, Raw Rice, Raw Bread Dough

  • Non-organics, Plastic, Paper, Cardboard, Silverware, Etc.

  • Any Oils or Greases

Eco-Safe Digester® Benefits

  • Reduces hauling costs by reducing waste volume and collection frequency
  • Improves efficiency and workflow
  • Captures a valuable resource
  • Replenishes water supplies
  • Eliminates the transportation of food waste to landfills or distant compost facilities
  • Eliminates compactor odors
  • Reduces janitorial costs
  • Prevents pollution and much more

What Size Is Best?

Try our Bio Calculator to see which size Digester may work for you.

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