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Introducing BioHiTech Seed™ and Sprout™

Up to 500 lbs a day

Cost-Effective Technology Solutions for Low Volume Food Waste Generators

  • Processes food waste at a significant savings to that of traditional waste disposal
  • Space-saving compact footprints
  • Ideal for Quick Service and Casual Restaurants, Nursing Homes, and Grocers
  • Remote real-time waste data connectivity and analytics
    • as a valuable supply chain management tool
    • to support CSR reporting
  • Eliminates odors, leaks, and pests associated with bins and dumpsters
  • Improves cleanliness, employee safety, and operational efficiency
  • Complies with food waste regulations
  • Scalable for multiple deployments, globally
  • Installs in less than two hours

Up to 650 lbs a day

Full Service Program

Digester use is monitored and alerts and reports are delivered straight to your email or mobile device.

BioHiTech Seed™ and Sprout™ connect to BioHiTech Cloud™ via Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or any device with a data plan. Our Cloud customers have access to their Digesters from a desktop computer, or mobile device and can monitor its performance anytime, anywhere. Plus, receive customized alerts automatically via email or text that indicate high or low usage at each kitchen locations.

  • No upfront costs or capital investment
  • No unexpected service charges
  • Includes maintenance and supplies
  • Dedicated training, account management and 24/7 service provided
  • Customer web platform provides up-to-the-minute usage and reporting
  • Mobile access available with BioHiTech Cirrus™ app
  • Chat-based access available with BioHiTech Alto™

Feeding The Digester


  • All Meat (raw or cooked)

  • All Fish and Shellfish (raw or cooked)

  • All Fruits and Vegetables

  • All Bread, Cakes and Pastries

  • All Dairy Products

  • All Prepared Foods

  • All Other: Egg Shells, Coffee Grinds, Pasta, etc.


  • Big Bones or Fat Trimmings

  • Clam or Mussel Shells

  • Pineapple Tops or Corn Husks

  • Small Seeds, Woody Vines, Raw Rice, Raw Bread Dough

  • Non-organics, Plastic, Paper, Cardboard, Silverware, Etc.

  • Any Oils or Greases

Machine Specifications

Model Seed Sprout
Pounds per 24 hours
up to 500 lbs up to 227 kg up to 650 lbs up to 295 kg
Dimensions Width 30 in 76 cm 40 in 102 cm
Depth 30 in 76 cm 30 in 76 cm
Height 48 in 123 cm 48 in 123 cm
Weight 535 lbs 240 kg 670 lbs 304 kg
Power Source United States: 115 Volt
International: 230 Volt
Spec Sheet Download PDF ( United States | International )

Plug And Play Installation

  • Fast and flexible installation in less than two hours
  • Fits through standard doorways
  • Simple plumbing connection
  • Ethernet access suggested, but not necessary

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the technology proven and reliable?

Are the micro-organisms safe?

Is the machine easy to operate?

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What can I put into the Digester?

What can't I put into the Digester?

Can I put hot soups or frozen foods in the machine?

How long can the hatch door be open for?

What can I do to keep the machine running at 100%?

Does the machine grind or chop the food waste?

Is there any by-product to manage?

What are the installation requirements?

How long does it take to install?

What is the warranty on the Digester?

How long does it take to receive the machine?

Do I need approval from the water authority?

What is Aerobic Digestion?

What is Effluent?

Why are there plastic chips in the Digester?

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