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Two Ways To Save

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Try our BioCalculator today. See which BioHiTech Digetser model works for you.

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The Rental Model

The rental model offers an immediate monthly savings to your budgeted expense cost for food waste disposal. Pricing includes: Yearly supplies, service, maintenance, and BioHiTech Cloud access. Fixed food waste disposal costs, eliminated compactor odors, improved workflow.

Little to No Capital Costs. Start Renting Today.

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The Purchase Model

The purchase model offers a quick return on investment and eliminates monthly food waste disposal costs. A yearly maintenance package is required which includes: supplies, service, maintenance, and BioHiTech Cloud access. Controlled operating expense, immediate savings.

Full Ownership. Purchase One Today.

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Let’s work together to find a better solution for food waste disposal.

We are happy to talk with you about your waste goals and your needs, provide more information about our technology, demonstrate our solution, and answer any questions you may have.

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