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Changing the Way We “Think” About Managing Waste

Changing the Way We Think About Managing Waste

In the United States, 30-40% of the food supply goes directly to waste. The way we manage our food waste matters. We need smart solutions that help reduce the waste we generate in the first place.

At BioHiTech Global, we are more than food waste digester manufacturers — we are change-makers. Our technology solutions disrupt waste management as we know it so we can rethink how we handle food waste. By disposing of food smartly and creating energy from waste, companies like yours can transform food waste disposal in the United States.

We help solve the food waste problem by empowering organizations to take matters into their own hands. Together, we can achieve a future with less food waste.

BioHiTech Digesters™ — A Food Waste Management System

Revolution digesters from BioHiTech divert food waste from landfills by breaking it down into a liquid that enters the wastewater system. These easy-to-use machines will transform how you manage food waste.

The Process

We make diverting food waste simple. Add food waste to the digester throughout the day. Natural microorganisms break the waste down into wastewater that avoids the landfill.

Our Digesters

The BioHiTech Revolution Series comes in a range of volume capacities for businesses of different sizes. Choose BioHiTech Seed® or BioHiTech Sprout® for a small business with limited space. For larger companies with higher waste management needs, pick the BioHiTech Sapling® or BioHiTech Sequoia®.

Benefits of Digester Waste Management

Our digesters offer a wide range of benefits to your organization. They reduce food waste hauling costs and feature economical monthly subscription plans. With no chemicals or odors, we make our digesters easy to use.

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BioHiTech Cloud® — Analytics for Advanced Food Waste Technology

Manage your digester's operations with the BioHiTech Cloud®. Available with the Revolution Series, this cloud-based application will help you improve your food waste management.

Reducing Waste With Smart Analytics

Measure, analyze and prevent with our smart digesters. BioHiTech Cloud® evaluates the volume and type of food waste your digester processes and provides real-time analytics. With this data, you can make more informed supply orders to reduce unnecessary waste.

Capabilities and Features

BioHiTech Cloud® includes many of the features of your favorite analytics apps. The cloud-based platform allows for scalability, security and flexibility.

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BioHiTech Renewables™ — Turning Waste and Food Scraps Into Energy

Think of BioHiTech Renewables as the next logical step from our digesters. High Efficiency Biological Treatment (HEBioT™) converts a variety of waste forms into renewable fuel.

High Efficiency Biological Treatment (HEBioT™) Process

We plan to implement High Efficiency Biological Treatment into tomorrow's municipal solid waste systems. During this process, the system sorts waste by size. After performing a biological treatment, it separates metals and plastics from the waste. Then, it shreds the remaining waste into an alternative fuel product.

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Let's Make a Difference in Food Waste Management

Lasting change requires action. Let's work together to transform food waste management. Contact us for a free quote or become a BioHiTech investor today.

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