Waste360: A partnership is formed to expand zero waste initiatives
BioHitech America has formed a partnership with Avangard Innovative to expand their sustainable food waste and zero waste initiatives.

Chestnut Ridge, N.Y.-based BioHitech will provide Avangard customers with its environmentally responsible solutions for food waste disposal, and BioHitech becomes another partner for Houston-based Avangard’s Natura Zero solution, which helps customers earn money from recyclables, according to a news release.

The partnership also allows the Natura Zero program to emphasize organics processing.

The Avangard program uses proprietary technology and software to track, report, analyze and audit customer waste and recyclables.
BioHitech offers the Eco-Safe Digester, an on-site aerobic digester that converts food waste into nutrient-neutral water. It also developed the BioHitech Cloud, which measures key metrics to optimize the food waste disposal process.