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Tap into patented food waste analytics to reduce your food waste and save resources.

Change Your Resource Use With Food Waste Management Technology

Change the way you think about managing food waste with BioHiTech Cloud®.


Get precise metrics on the type and volume of waste that your digester processes.


Leverage food waste analytics to transform your supply chain management.


Avoid unnecessary food waste in the first place by making data-informed supply orders.

If your food waste could talk, what would it say?

Phone with raised analytics

Machinery equipped with BioHiTech Cloud® would say a lot.

BioHiTech Cloud® leverages proven technology already installed in hundreds of our digesters around world. With our cloud-based data platform we translate industrial machine language into human language to provide valuable data and information to improve performance of your businesses.

Features of Food Waste Measurement and Analytics

Transform your food waste management habits with technology-packed features such as:

Powerful Analytics

Obtain insights into your equipment use, business impact and supply chain management with easy-to-read reports and custom dashboards. BioHiTech Cloud® uses sophisticated machine learning to predict food waste trends.

Intelligent Two-Way Communication

Count on BioHiTech Alto™ and software notifications to communicate with your digester network. The BioHiTech Alto™ chatbot helps you understand your data and machine status through a conversational interface. Set SMS, email and push notifications to get vital information in real time.

Secure, Scalable Cloud Technology

As a cloud-based platform, BioHiTech Cloud® offers high levels of scalability and security. It can handle large volumes of critical data from your network of BioHiTech digesters and peripherals. Thanks to role-based security, you get maximum control over who can access your data and machines.

Connect Your Other Hardware

Our hardware comes pre-installed in our equipment and can easily be installed in other machinery to create an interconnected network that can securely capture and analyze a wide array of machine data.

Data Anywhere, Anytime

BioHiTech Cloud® empowers you to access your equipment and data from any computer or mobile device. Manage your digesters and information anywhere, anytime.

Get the Most Out of BioHiTech Cloud®

Optimize your resources and food waste processing by utilizing BioHiTech Cloud® in these ways:

Device Montage.


Store robust waste management data for reporting purposes. Generate detailed reports on your digester activity to comply with regulatory, environmental and corporate regulations.


Turn food waste processing into an engaging experience by setting goals for your team. Inspire action through benchmarks that align with your corporate initiatives and reward high achievers.


Present live digester data on your website, intranet or digital signs to promote proactive food waste management. Reinforce positive behavior by celebrating your team's achievements.

BioHiTech Cirrus® — A Mobile Food Waste Tracking App

Access the power of BioHiTech Cloud® on your mobile device with BioHiTech Cirrus®. Manage your digester network with an easy-to-use and powerful mobile interface. With BioHiTech Cirrus®, you can view your food waste data from anywhere with an Internet or data connection.

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Real-time alerts for improved support

Instant notifications over email and SMS enable proactive support through smarter performance monitoring and visibility of equipment.

Revolutionize Your Food Waste Management

Discover the BioHiTech Cloud® difference for yourself when you lease one of our Revolution Digesters or become an investor. Learn more by contacting us for a free quote or visiting our investor page.

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