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Are the micro-organisms safe? How much food waste can I put in the Digester? What can I put into the Digester? What CAN'T I put into the Digester? Can I put hot soups or frozen foods in the machine? How long can the hatch door be open for? What can I do to keep the machine running at 100%? Does the machine grind or chop the food waste? What is the warranty on the Digester? How much water is consumed and discharged per day? Why are there plastic chips in the Digester?

Permitting Info

What permits are possibly needed (varies by state)? What is the time frame for completion?

Construction Info

Who would build the facility? What is the estimated cost for construction of the proposed facility? What type of construction is the proposed facility?

Operational Info

What are the advantages to Mechanical, Biological Treatment (MBT)? What is the MBT Process and how is the Solid Refuse Fuel made? How will emissions/odors from the facility be controlled?

SRF (Solid Recovered Fuel)

Is this SRF manufacturing facility an incinerator? Where will the MSW come from? Will there be any new infrastructure required to handle the truck traffic? How many individuals will be employed? Who is going to buy and use the SRF? What are the environmental benefits of using SRF as an alternate fuel? Is SRF manufacturing and use a proven technology?

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