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Food Digesters for Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

The EPA estimates that in 2017, the United States produced more than 40 million tons of food waste. On average, hospitals generate approximately three pounds of food waste per bed each day.

To keep operations as eco-friendly as possible, hospital managers need to make bold decisions to reduce their daily impact on the environment. By introducing a Revolution Series food digester into your waste management process, you can better control the amount of food waste you generate and dispose of it in a more cost-effective way. The following strategies will help you manage food costs and boost your sustainability efforts.

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BioHiTech Benefits

We are committed to solutions that have a positive environmental impact.

Divert Your Food Waste From Landfills

The BioHiTech food digester processes food waste on sixte using a combination of microorganisms, oxygen and warm water to digest it into a liquid called that drains into your wastewater line diverting it from landfill.

Use Digester Data for Smarter Supply Purchasing

Data insights set the BioHiTech digester apart from the competition. The digester connects to the BioHiTech Cloud, a software platform that collects information on its performance. With the data from the BioHiTech Cloud, you can review the amount of waste the digester processes by meal per day and use this data history to effectively purchase smarter and focus on generating less waste.

Plan Menus Around Food Waste Reduction

With detailed analytics on your supply usage and waste production, you can develop menus that generate less waste. Your meals can focus on both patient nutrition and utilizing your most popular supplies. As a result, you’ll divert less food waste and save money on food procurement.

Set Benchmarks for Waste Diversion

The BioHiTech Cloud measures the amount of food waste you digest and can compare those results against multiple digesters in different locations across your locations. If you have multiple facilities or cafeterias, you can set goals for the percentage of waste that they digest. These benchmarks encourage every digester user to optimize their food waste management process.

Optimized Healthcare Operations

BioHiTech digesters offer the following benefits to healthcare facilities:


Each user-friendly digester converts waste entirely to liquid for easy disposal. Just open the door of the digester, add the food waste and close the door.

Multiple models available

We’ll help you choose a digester with the right processing capacity for each of your facilities. Our digesters’ 24-hour capacities range from 200 pounds (227 kilograms) to 2400 pounds (1100 kilograms).

Excellent customer service

Our team will remotely monitor your digester’s usage and performance. A customer success manager will stay in touch to help you understand the data captured. During these meetings, they will also offer suggestions for reducing the amount of waste you generate.