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Reduce food waste. Save money.

Restaurant Food Waste Management

The restaurant industry generates 11.4 million tons of food waste every year, according to ReFED, a data-based food waste initiative. This trend costs the sector more than $25 billion. At BioHiTech, we are rethinking how we manage restaurant food waste.

The Revolution Series Digester helps restaurants manage commercial food waste with real-time data and analytics. As they process kitchen waste on site, Revolution Series Digesters measure the amount that they digest and generate accurate, easy-to-understand statistics. As a result, you can optimize your supply costs through data-informed purchases. Our cost-effective digesters enable you to divert food waste from landfills and improve your sustainability initiatives.

Use Data Analytics to Manage Commercial Food Waste

Tap into the power of BioHiTech Cloud® to understand how your business handles food waste. Every Revolution Digester connects to the BioHiTech Cloud, a platform that measures its performance. The BioHiTech Cloud® gives you access information about the food waste you process every day in real time , helping you optimize your kitchen waste disposal.

Optimize Supply Purchasing

By tracking your supply purchasing alongside BioHiTech Cloud® data, you can focus on buying items that lead to less waste. Note the types of food that you use each day, then compare that information to data in the BioHiTech Cloud®.

Serve Food That Your Customers Will Eat

Your digester data can help you determine which foods on your menu succeeds more than others. If you offer a special on a certain day and you notice more food waste, your customers may not prefer that menu option. With careful data monitoring and trial and error, you can work towards serving more food that your customers will enjoy.

Create Goals for Food Waste Diversion

With multiple cruise ships, you can compare the amount of food waste they generate through BioHiTech Cloud®. Use this information to set benchmarks and gamify each ships performance, encouraging and exciting your employees to reduce food waste.

Benefits of Food Waste Digesters

The advantages of our food digesters to cruise ships include:

  • Reduced waste management costs: The Revolution Series enables cruise ships to reduce the costs of disposing food waste at landfills. By eliminating food waste on site, you will have less waste to drop off at port and increase on site health safety.
  • Lower cost of ownership: We require no capital investment or upfront costs to use our food waste digesters. Our rental plans enable you to save on initial costs and includes BioHiTech Cloud®.
  • Compact options available:Many cruise ships need to optimize their kitchen space. Our smaller, more compact digester models can process hundreds of pounds of food waste every day.

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