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BioHitech America Offers The Most Innovative Solutions For Businesses Impacted By Vancouver’s Organics Disposal Ban

Technology Is Revolutionizing The Organic Waste Industry

CHESTNUT RIDGE, NY – FEBRUARY 3, 2015 – BioHitech America, a green technology
company that provides an innovative data-driven solution for food waste removal, offers
businesses in the Metro Vancouver area the most efficient and economical answer to comply
with the recent organic’s disposal ban. The ban prohibits the disposal of all ‘organic’ waste,
whether residential, commercial or institutional.

The ban officially went into effect on January 1, 2015 requiring all business and residents to
separate organic materials from other garbage. The Integrated Solid Waste and Resource
Management Plan reported that this initiative is targeted to divert 70 percent organic waste by
the end of 2015 and 80 percent by 2020. A 50 percent monetary penalty equal to surcharge on
existing disposal costs will be levied against owners and occupiers that violate the bylaw;
however, strict enforcements are not expected to be enforced until July, giving companies and
residents the time to adjust and find alternative waste removal options.

BioHitech’s solution to food waste removal is the most viable option for generators of mass
amounts of waste like hospitals, restaurants, grocery stores, schools, and hotels. The
company’s Eco-Safe Digester is an on-site aerobic digester that eliminates food waste by
converting it into nutrient-neutral water or “grey-water” and transporting it through standard
sewer lines, thus eliminating the need for waste haulers and additional storage space, and
complies with new waste ban standards.

“The Eco-Safe Digester is the most cost-effective and environmentally-friendly way for
businesses to dispose their food waste while complying with the recent ban,” said Frank E. Celli,
Chief Executive Officer of BioHitech America. “Our smart solution will help businesses prevent
waste before it is starts. We see companies significantly reduce the amount of food waste they
generate and the costs associated with wasted inventory and waste removal services since
installing our technology.”

The Eco-Safe Digester is equipped with an on board scale that weighs food waste each time it
is added, determining where, when, and what food waste is being disposed. The BioHitech
Cloud, a technology platform hosted by Amazon, measures key metrics to offer businesses the
data needed to optimize the food waste disposal process and identify the way to prevent it
altogether. These metrics are providing the industry with an unprecedented level of
transparency. “Quantifying food waste data in real-time is paramount to increasing profitability, enhancing staff
performance, reporting sustainability progress and preventing waste altogether,” commented
Mr. Celli

In addition to the proprietary data feature, BioHitech also offers two additional complimentary
solutions. The first is a filtration enhancement providing the ability to re-circulate the grey-water
creating the first-of-its-kind water-independent aerobic digester. The second is a solution that
works in conjunction with anaerobic digestion to reduce the material that needs to be
transported by up to 90 percent.

BioHitech America currently provides its innovative solutions to numerous high volume
generators in various industries in nearly 300 locations across the globe. Their solutions have
helped reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills while also helping business owners and
operators adjust seamlessly to similar bans that have been put into effect.

About BioHitech America
BioHitech America’s unique solution to food waste combines green technology with the power of
Big Data to offer transparency, savings and a sustainable future. The company’s Eco-Safe
Digester, an on-site aerobic digester, eliminates up to 2,400 pounds of food waste in a 24-hour
period by converting it into nutrient-neutral water and transporting the water safely through
standard sewer lines. The BioHitech Cloud, a technology platform hosted by Amazon, measures
key metrics to optimize the food waste disposal process. These metrics are providing the
industry with an unprecedented level of transparency that not only helps to reduce the amount
of waste generated, but also improve company-wide efficiency and profitability.

BioHitech America was recently selected to participate in the exclusive Credit Suisse Private
Innovation Circle event. Their solution is the leading sustainable method that allows businesses
to move towards the prevention of waste altogether. For more information, please visit
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