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BioHitech America Partners with Fairway Market to Harness the Power of Big Data to Drive Efficiencies and Increase Profitability

BioHitech America installs its robust proprietary cloud platform on the fleet of digesters installed at Fairway Markets throughout the tri-state area to improve efficiencies and minimize environmental impact.

Chestnut Ridge, New York, May 20, 2014 – BioHitech America is partnering with
Fairway Market to help them take the next step toward fulfilling its self imposed
objectives of eliminating the hauling of food waste to the landfill and lessening its
ecological footprint. With its ongoing commitment to creating a healthier earth,
senior management at the 80-year-old brand, has realized that reducing the waste
generated is the true key to sustainability.

Ahead of the recent NYC legislation mandating organic waste diversion by 2015,
Fairway has been one of the pioneers of food waste recycling with the
implementation of BioHitech’s Eco-Safe Digesters in 9 of their 14 locations. The
introduction of BioHitech’s new Cloud technology allows the digesters to stream
data regarding the company’s waste generation in real time to a management
dashboard. Fairway management can now analyze waste added to the digesters by
time, date, department, etc. providing them with the necessary data to benchmark
facilities, optimize utilization and create best practices. The goal is to adjust
purchasing and other operating practices accordingly to minimize the creation of
waste, and ultimately providing a cleaner environment as well as improved margins.
With the BioHitech Cloud tool, food waste management is no longer complex across
multiple locations. Remote access to the data in real-time provides visibility into
Fairway’s company-wide performance, machine-to-machine, day-by-day."

Leveraging the data has also inspired competition and collaboration within the
organization resulting in a positive change to Fairway’s behavior and attitude
towards waste.

Frank E. Celli, BioHitech’s CEO stated, “We are thrilled about the continued
development of our relationship with Fairway. Many people don’t realize that they
were one of our first customers and have been a pioneer in the food waste diversion
space in NYC long before any legislation was contemplated. We are confident that
our BioHitech Cloud will provide them with the valuable information they need to
perfect their journey to sustainability while helping to create front of the house
efficiencies and improving margins.”

About Fairway Market
Fairway Market is a high-growth food retailer offering customers a differentiated
one-stop shopping experience "Like No Other Market"®. Since beginning as a small
neighborhood market in the 1930s, Fairway has established itself as a leading food
retailing destination in the Greater New York area. By instilling and supporting
sustainable environmental practices as a corporate value, Fairway is taking the
steps that will help lessen their ecological footprint and will help to ensure that the
Earth is around long enough for everyone on it to experience why they’re really
“Like No Other Market”®. For more information regarding Fairway Market, please

About BioHitech
BioHitech America is using smart technology to open new opportunities in an
industry that has gone unchanged for almost 50 years. BioHitech America offers our
customers an alternative food waste disposal method and big data that can be used
to optimize their waste disposal process. The combination of the Eco-Safe Digester
(an on-site aerobic digester) and the BioHitech Cloud (a technology platform hosted
by Amazon) accurately summarizes what is wasted in order to offer opportunities to
minimize the generation of the waste, eliminate it in a more efficient manner, and
maximize savings.

Waste disposal management does not have to be complex across multiple locations
or geographies, all you need is the proper tool, metric and reporting solution. For
more information, please visit

Lisa Giovannielli
BioHitech America
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