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BioHitech America Partners with GreenComm Environmental Ltd (UK) to Expand its International Distribution Network

BioHitech America has taken another step toward the international distribution of its Eco-Safe Digester and BioHitech Cloud products through a partnership with GreenComm Environmental.

Chestnut Ridge, New York, March 31, 2014 -- As the International focus on
sustainability and landfill diversion continues to grow, the quest for a more efficient
organics solutions for discarded waste becomes increasingly important.
Approximately one third of the world’s food is wasted each year, making the
international community appear to be great candidates for the same success that
BioHitech America has achieved in the United States.

BioHitech America (the market leader in the manufacturing and distribution of
organic food waste digesters in the US) announces today that the company has
entered into an exclusive multi-year agreement with GreenComm Environmental
Limited, UK) for the distribution and management of the Eco-Safe Digester in
Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

The Eco-Safe Digester has been successfully deployed in leading hospitals, hotel
groups, food retailers, and catering establishments in the United States. It processes
organic food waste into grey water and provides immediate economic benefits to
the customer by avoiding traditional costs associated with food waste disposal as
well reducing carbon emissions by eliminating waste transportation. It has become
a disruptive product in the waste management industry in the United States as is
evidenced by recent contracts with certain United States Government agencies that
have installed the Eco-Safe Digester.

This proven technology has been recognized by leading environmental specialists as
a key solution to the reduction of food waste whilst providing management with a
valuable tool for monitoring the amount of food waste being processed at any one
time with BioHitech's unique data monitoring software system.
With the execution of a multi-year distribution agreement for Europe, Africa and the
Middle East, BioHitech America is optimistic about the furtherance of its
international presence. "We believe that the European markets have significant
potential for this technology and should achieve the same penetration levels and
demand as we are currently experiencing in the United States" comments
BioHitech's CEO, Frank E Celli.

The Eco-Safe Digester is currently operating in over 250 locations including
installations in Iraq, Kuwait, Israel, and Canada. While the US has been the
company’s primary focus, the recent interest from customers’ abroad and its
relationship with GreenComm, principals, Rupert Galliers-Pratt and Andrew West
have presented an opportune time to expand the products global presence.
Greencomm’s Francesco De Leo commented, "We believe that there is a significant
market in Europe for the Eco-Safe Digester. It provides customers with an
environmental solution for the disposal of organic waste and permits management
to achieve significant efficiencies in the way that food is processed within their
respective businesses.” “It also provides instant cost benefits for the customer
enhancing their green balance sheet.”

GreenComm plans to duplicate the model that BioHitech America has successfully
implemented throughout the US offering purchase, rental, and Guaranteed Savings
models to Supermarkets, Hospitals, Hotels and other large generators of food waste
throughout their international territory.

BioHitech’s CEO Frank Celli says, “We are excited about the opportunity to deploy
our innovative product and cutting edge cloud analytics throughout the EU, Africa,
and the Middle East.” “We have a huge amount of confidence and respect for our
new partners and look forward to providing Greencomm with the necessary
support to successfully distribute our digesters in these new territories.”
GreenComm is well organized, well capitalized and most importantly has a proven
management team capable of achieving great things with the growth of this

GreenComm’s Chairman, Andrew West says, “Frank and his team have done a
wonderful job creating a product and service that is fundamental to solving the
worlds organic waste problems.” “We are excited about the opportunities in front of
us throughout Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. We believe that leveraging the
BioHitech Cloud and providing our customers with the valuable information they
lack about their food waste will lead to better operating efficiencies for our
customers and ultimately minimize the volume of waste being created. This is the
true key to sustainability.”

GreenComm will begin distribution of the Eco-Safe Digester and deployment of the
BioHitech Cloud in April of this year and hopes to have a minimum of 100 units
operating by fiscal year end 2014.

About Grencomm Environmental Limited
Greencomm Environmental Limited is a UK company that has been formed to
distribute and manage the BioHitech Eco-Safe Digesters in Europe, Africa, and the
Middle East. Chief Executive, Francesco De Leo PhD, is one of the world's renowned
thought leaders on environmental strategy and Green ICT. He is the Chairman of
Greencomm Challenge which focuses on investment in green technology in the US
and in Europe, is a Professor of Corporate Strategy at LUISS Guido Carli University
in Rome, a faculty member of Mager, the Master in Green Management, Energy and
Corporate Sustainability at Bocconi University and part of the 1999 Class of the
Global Leaders for Tomorrow of the World Economic Forum. The Board has also
been joined by Francis Quinn who built the Global Sustainable Growth Strategy for
the L'Oreal Group and will be advising on sustainability issues. Andrew West,
Chairman, has had a distinguished career as an investment banker and is currently
Chairman of Gulfsands PLC (AIM). Rupert Galliers-Pratt, Founder and Deputy
Chairman, has had a considerable amount of experience in investing in growth
companies. Clinton Kramer, Finance Director, is qualified as a Chartered
Accountant in South Africa and holds the position of Finance Director of Nexus
Trade Co. Nexus Corporate Finance LLP has been appointed to advise Greencomm
on the healthcare sector in Europe.

About BioHitech
BioHitech America is using smart technology to open new opportunities in an
industry that has gone unchanged for almost 50 years. BioHitech America offers our
customers an alternative food waste disposal method and big data that can be used
to optimize their waste disposal process. The combination of the Eco-Safe Digester
(an on-site aerobic digester) and the BioHitech Cloud (a technology platform hosted
by Amazon) accurately summarizes what is wasted in order to offer opportunities to
minimize the generation of the waste, eliminate it in a more efficient manner, and
maximize savings.

Waste disposal management does not have to be complex across multiple locations
or geographies, all you need is the proper tool,metric and reporting solution. For
more information please visit

Lisa Giovannielli
BioHitech America
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