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Rubicon Global To Partner With BioHitech America

Rubicon Global, North America’s leading provider of sustainable waste and recycling solutions and BioHitech America, (the industry leader in the development of a simple, cost-effective food waste disposal technology) have teamed up to add BioHitech America’s (BHA) Eco-Safe Digester and BioHitech Cloud to Rubicon Global's arsenal of green technological tools.

Chestnut Ridge, New York, February 20, 2014 --It is estimated that as much as 34 million tons
of food waste are sent to landfills in the U.S. each year. Given the momentum of statewide
policies requiring food waste recycling, the message of burying food waste in landfills being no

longer a sustainable or acceptable solution is being heard loud and clear.
Rubicon Global acknowledges that on-going food waste measurement is a vital part of
understanding any waste profile in order to take the best steps to prevent it, which is the key to a
successful and sustainable strategy. The BioHitech Cloud, a proprietary cloud platform hosted
by Amazon, delivers valuable real-time data providing a waste profile that allows for smarter
purchasing decisions, informed staffing decisions, and improved efficiencies. The ability to
benchmark locations across geographies or measure the impact of seasonality will help to
improve the awareness of what is wasted in order to make the necessary steps to prevent it

The Eco-Safe Digester is a data-driven, network-based technology transforming waste into
nutrient neutral water that can safely be disposed of via municipal sewer systems.

"The combination of an advanced analytical tool and an efficient and effective organic waste
disposal technology creates the perfect solution for our clients. Our goal is to first eliminate the
generation of waste and then process whatever residual is left in a more environmentally sound,
cost effective fashion.,” says Perry Moss, Rubicon Global's President. "We are one of the few
companies offering our clients a true integrated solution toward the achievement of their
sustainability goals."

Frank E. Celli, CEO of BioHitech America says, "We are excited to be working with Perry
(Moss) and the Rubicon team to help their clients achieve their goals. With over 100 years of
industry experience we truly recognize the need for change and believe Rubicon [sic] is the
perfect partner to work with." "We continue to deploy capital toward the improvement of our
digester and cloud technology with more great features coming in 2014."

The Eco-Safe Digester and BioHitech Cloud are currently installed in Rubicon Global's Marriott
customer platform with plans of expanding the deployments nationwide in 2014. Currently,
more than 15 forward-thinking corporate leaders as well as State and Federal Government
agencies are utilizing BioHitech's products and services in 36 states and seven countries.

About Rubicon Global
Rubicon Global is North America¹s leading provider of sustainable waste and recycling
solutions. Founded in 2008, Rubicon Global utilizes a technology platform and Big Data
analytics to reduce cost, improve efficiency, empower small business owners and divert waste
from landfills through recycling. Rubicon Global is dedicated to improving economic efficiency,
decreasing landfill tonnage and creating transparency. Through innovative technology, industry
knowledge and strategic relationships Rubicon Global seeks to transform the waste and recycling
industries. For more information, please visit

About BioHitech
BioHitech America is using smart technology to open new opportunities in an industry that has
gone unchanged for almost 50 years. Their Eco-Safe Digester solution, a cloud-based
management tool helps divert significant volumes of waste away from landfills, convert food
into net new water, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve the efficiency of the waste
process remotely, and help to identify ways to prevent waste altogether. For more information
please visit

To learn more on this partnership, please contact
Lisa Giovannielli
BioHitech America
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