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The Federal Bureau Of Prisons Puts An End To Hauling Food Waste With The Eco-Safe Digester.

The United States Federal Government reduces solid waste hauling to support their environmental initiatives, locks down big savings and creates hundreds of “green” jobs with the Eco-Safe Digester.

Chestnut Ridge, NY, October 11, 2012

The United States Federal Government inks a deal with VetUS (dba) to deploy seventy-six (76) BioHitech
Eco-Safe Digesters stateside before the end of January 2013. Seventy-Six federally purchased units set
for deployment in 120 days in addition to the numerous machines installed this year to hotels,
supermarkets and restaurants helps BioHitech achieve their 2012 goals in helping businesses to reduce
pollution, reuse their resources and help reclaim landfill space.

The US Government didn’t waste much time making their intentions very clear, food waste will no longer
be hauled to landfills. In a letter posted by the US Department of Justice to the regional food service
administrators within the Federal Bureau of Prisons they state “the addition of this equipment will support
our environmental initiatives by reducing solid waste hauling and land-fill use which will in turn reduce fuel
and emissions as well as odor and pest issues associated with outside containers.”

This bold move will better the environment by diverting more than 50 million pounds of food waste in one
year. The training of inmates on the use of the Eco-Safe Digester platform will not only create temporary
jobs during periods of incarceration but will also educate them in a growing profession for later use. The
digesters will deliver measurable cost savings at each facility, resultantly freeing up valuable capital that
can be re-purposed for other projects. The Eco-Safe Digester is a triple threat and delivers a triple bottom
line. Planet, People, Profit.

Putting food waste into the digester eliminates the local trucking of heavy, soggy trash, and keeps it from
ending up in landfills, where it decomposes and produces methane, a greenhouse gas 21 times more
potent than carbon dioxide. Food waste digesters allow food to be rapidly decomposed and safely flushed
down the drain to the wastewater system which is designed to convert the waste into clean water,
beneficial biogas energy, and fertilizer.

VetUS, a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business, in partnership with BioHitech America, looks to help
the government further their economic, environmental and veteran goals by making the same
commitment for 2013
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