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Turn Waste Into Water

The BioHitech America solution makes food waste management easier to digest

DES MOINES, IA - Mid-Iowa Solid Waste Equipment Co. has recently partnered with BioHitech America to bring the Eco-Safe Digester to Iowa and Nebraska. The BioHitech Eco-Safe Digester provides an on-site, high-tech solution to food waste, breaking down food into water and computing data that can help large organizations save money and produce less waste.

Food waste is a big problem in America, especially in Iowa. Food is the most prevalent landfilled material across the state, and Iowa has seen an increase of 62% in food waste over the past decade.

Large organizations such as hotels, universities, hospitals and grocery stores lose thousands of dollars a year in food waste disposal and transportation. According to The Gazette, an Eastern Iowa publication, University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics toss approximately 355,000 servings of food into landfills annually, throwing away $180,000 a year.

BioHitech America has created a solution that reduces the amount of food waste in landfills and uses big data to track and improve an organization’s sustainability. The Eco-Safe Digester works as a mechanical stomach, combining heat, moisture and oxygen to enable microorganisms to break down waste into water. Attached to a sewer line, the Eco-Safe Digester eliminates the need for smelly compactors and transportation of waste to landfills or compost facilities.

The Eco-Safe Digester also provides the real-time data an organization needs to strategically cut back on food spending. Through its cloud intelligence, the system identifies trends and inefficiencies that lead to waste for a clearer view of waste management.

The Eco-Safe Digester can digest anything a human stomach can handle, including meat, fruit and vegetables, bread, and dairy. It can eliminate up to 2,400 lbs. of food waste in a day.

For more information on the BioHitech Eco-Safe Digester, please call Mid-Iowa at 800-733-8731.

About Mid-Iowa:
Mid-Iowa Solid Waste Equipment Company is the premier supplier of Environmental Equipment in Iowa and Nebraska. We take great pride in representing the worlds best names in the business. Names such as Vac-Con, Tymco, Aries, Wayne, Petersen Lightning Loader, Enz Nozzles, Vaporooter, Ameri-Kan, Pipehunter, Curotto-Can, Cascade Cart, Perkins Lifter, Bayne Lifter, Larue Snowblowers, Marathon Compactors.

About BioHitech America
BioHitech America’s unique solution to food waste combines green technology with the power of Big Data to offer transparency, savings and a sustainable future. The company’s Eco-Safe Digester, an on-site aerobic digester, eliminates up to 2,400 pounds of food waste in a 24-hour period by converting it into nutrient-neutral water and transporting the water safely through standard sewer lines. BioHitech also offers the option to re-circulate the discharged water. The BioHitech Cloud measures key metrics to optimize the food waste disposal process. These metrics are providing an unprecedented level of transparency that not only helps to reduce the amount of waste generated, but also improves company-wide efficiency and profitability.

BioHitech America, a featured company in the exclusive Credit Suisse Private Innovation Circle event, provides the leading sustainable method that allows businesses to move towards the prevention of waste altogether.
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