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BioHiTech, Built With Logic

Logic Supply: Harnessing Data to Manage & Reduce Food Waste

BioHiTech turned to Logic Supply for an Internet-of-Things (IoT) gateway to replace the existing solution in their cloud-connected digester machines.

Project Challenges

Research from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations shows that roughly one-third of the food produced in the world for human consumption every year - approximately 1.3 billion metric tons - gets lost or wasted. In an effort to help combat this problem, and with the goal of significantly reducing waste generation and landfill usage, BioHiTech offers sustainable, technology-driven, waste disposal and supply chain management solutions to businesses of all sizes.

The team at BioHiTech needed an Internet-of-Things (IoT) gateway to replace the existing solution in their digester machines, which work to naturally convert food waste into wastewater through aerobic digestion. The IoT gateway within the system collects valuable machine monitoring information such as temperature, water utilization and food weight. It's also responsible for transmitting sensor telemetry data to Amazon Web Services. This allows BioHiTech's service team to provide real-time support while allowing users to remotely monitor and efficiently analyze their food waste processing.

After five years of deploying low-cost, Celeron-based NUC computers into the field, BioHiTech's Chief Technology Officer Bill Kratzer and his team began seeing consistent computer hardware failures. These failures were most commonly attributed to the challenging environmental conditions in which BioHiTech digesters are typically installed, which can be subject to extreme temperatures and a range of airborne contaminants.

"I think Logic Supply is the ideal type of company that BioHiTech strives to partner with: technology-guided, design-focused, and quality-driven."
~Bill Kratzer, BioHiTech Chief Technology Officer

The Logic Supply Solution

In addition to a high degree of reliability, the BioHiTech digester machines required a small form factor computer with the processing power and connectivity capabilities to handle a range of data handling. Working with Logic Supply Solution Specialists, Bill and his team identified the CL210 Ultra Small Form Factor Edge Device as the ideal platform. The system's solid-state Hardshell™ Fanless design provided the requisite reliability, while the system's dual Ethernet ports meant that BioHiTech would no longer need to employ the USB-to-ethernet dongle they had been using, further eliminating a common point of failure.

"Logic Supply’s CL210 computer has a rugged industrial design that is better suited for our demanding deployment conditions. Our preliminary assessment has shown that Logic Supply units deployed in the field are running into much fewer hardware issues. This translates into less time needed for our service team, fewer expensive on-site visits to our customers, and ultimately, happier customers."
~Bill Kratzer, BioHiTech Chief Technology Officer

Key Features & Services

Hardshell Fanless Technology
Small Form Factor

Built On The AWS Cloud

In order to keep their systems and clients connected, BioHiTech leverages Amazon Web Services to help ensure efficient product support while allowing users to optimize their waste management operations. AWS collects trillions of data points from BioHiTech digesters at all times, processing that information and summarizing it to various databases that are also hosted in the AWS cloud.

Logic Supply hardware is used for computing at the edge, reducing the size of the data files being passed to and from the AWS servers. BioHiTech uses, and provides to their clients, applications which access that data through APIs hosted in AWS. Bill and his team have worked very hard to ensure, and are very proud of the fact, that BioHiTech does not have any servers or data centers for any of its business operations.

"By utilizing the Logic Supply gateway and AWS, our customers can track, in detail, the amounts and types of food waste that they are generating, allowing them to ultimately reduce their waste and optimize their business. Our business goal is not only to provide a machine that can keep food waste out of landfills but to ultimately help our customers produce less food waste overall. The Logic Supply computer is a critical piece of technology in making that data transparency a reality and we look forward to Logic Supply being our IoT hardware vendor of choice in helping us to re-imagine and re-invent the waste management industry."
~Bill Kratzer, BioHiTech Chief Technology Officer
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