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Being Sustainable in an Unsustainable Industry

Supply Chain Brain: Armada uses BioHiTech's Digester to cut emissions and divert food waste from landfills.

Challenge: Being a sustainable company in the transportation industry can be difficult at times. One of the biggest challenges that Armada clients face is food waste.

Solution: Armada has several initiatives in its sustainability program, like the addition of a BioHiTech Eco-Safe 12 Digester to its Greencastle warehouse this year. The digester uses a biological process to turn organic waste into carbon dioxide, water and other organic compounds, which are safely discharged as wastewater.

Results: Since its start early this year, the food digester has diverted nearly 60,000 pounds from the landfill. This has helped Armada clients reduce food waste and cut emissions from transportation required to get to and from landfills.

About the Solution Provider: Armada creates innovative, fully integrated supply chain solutions that deliver competitive advantages and improve business performance. We believe that “There’s a Better Way” to manage supply chains — a better way rooted in simplicity, transparency and extraordinary service by providing outsourced logistic solutions that create smaller, smarter and more agile networks.
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